Don’t Judge

Today with social media; it is easy to see the thought process of many people. There are many who feel that they have full knowledge of every subject or situation so they feel compelled to voice their opinion about it even though it shows their ignorance of that particular subject. There are some that voice legitimate concerns and comments, but many are uneducated in all of the aspects of the particular situation. Without full knowledge; it can leave a person convinced that they have all of the right answers including knowing the motives of the individual. This is dangerous because it becomes easy to judge others.

Who are you to judge the servant of another? To his own master he stands or falls; and he will stand, for the Lord is able to make him stand. Romans 14:4

The bible commands us to love one another. Of course, God has to be working through us for us to truly love one another, but it seems that it should be easier for us to love brothers and sisters in Christ as opposed to strangers or those who mistreat us. This seems to be true but in many Christian circles there is a lack of love and in its place a judgmental attitude.

The Apostle Paul in Romans chapter fourteen shows that there are some that believe that all foods are okay for them to eat while others feel it is wrong to eat it (vs. 2). Some see one day more important than other days while there are those who see every day as the same. Each person needs to make up their mind what is right and only judge themselves as they come to each conclusion whether it is right for them or not. (vs. 5).

Instead of judging one’s self, unfortunately, the only judging that goes on is the judging of the other person for either doing it or for not doing it. This does not show love for one another.

The freedoms that we have in Christ is a great thing, but we must make sure that we do not abuse those freedoms and cause a brother to stumble (vs. 13). This is reciprocal; instead of judging each other; educate each other with the Scriptures, pray for and love each other. Throughout this process; you could see that maybe you are the one who is wrong or you could be the one that gets your brother or sister in a right relationship with God.

There can be times that we see a particular happening done by an individual as wrong and maybe even sinful in our eyes. Many of the things that we squabble over really don’t matter in the light of eternity. Point people to Christ; if there is something that you are doing that takes away from pointing people to Christ stop doing it. Instead of judging others; look within yourself and judge yourself. There is always room of improvement with your relationship with Christ. Be so focused on bringing glory to Christ that you forget to judge others.

…if we judged ourselves rightly, we would not be judged. 1 Corinthians 11:31

You do not have to give an account for your brother or sister; each one has to give an account for themselves. Only judge yourself; do not judge others. Use your energy to glorify God in all you do.

Whether, then, you eat or drink or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God. 1 Corinthians 10:31



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