Obeying Rules

Why do we not want to obey rules?

Rules always has a negative connotation about them. We seem to concentrate on the one thing that we can’t do instead of the multiple freedoms that we do have.

This isn’t a new problem, even in the beginning, man had issues with obeying simple rules. God gave one command to Adam in Genesis 2:16-17: “From any tree of the garden you many eat freely; but from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat, for in the day that you eat from it you will surely die.” Adam communicated this one rule of not eating the fruit to his wife Eve and somewhere in the transfer it evolved into not even touching the tree.

There were many trees to eat from but the allure of the unknown had drawn them to it as they added rules to the one rule that was given. They could have touched the tree, climbed it and even built a tree house in it. The one rule was to not eat from it.

In Genesis chapter three, the serpent (Satan) approaches Eve trying to entice her with this illicit fruit. The serpent begins to spew lies and partial truths as he questions what God really said about eating from the garden. Eve said that “From the fruit of the trees of the garden we may eat; but from the fruit of the tree which is in the middle of the garden, God has said, “You shall not eat from it or touch it, or you will die.” (vss2-3)

Eve is now in dialogue with the serpent about what God really said. And there is the beginning when mankind began to question or even add to God’s word. Eve decided that the fruit was edible and pleasing to look at and since she wanted this unknown wisdom that the serpent mentioned; she ate and turned and gave some to Adam who was standing right there as this was going on.

Immediately, they went from being “naked and were not ashamed” (2:25) to their innocence was gone and now their eyes were open to what they had done. They heard God coming and instead of joyful bliss as their creator approached they ran in fear. Then the all-powerful, all-knowing and ever present God asks, “Where are you at?” God knew where they were at; he was allowing Adam to recognize his troublesome state that he was in. Adam said that he was afraid because he was naked. Then the blame game starts as Adam points the finger at Eve, but ultimately, he was blaming God, it was the woman that YOU gave me. Eve passed the buck and blamed the serpent and there you have it…The Fall of Man.

The serpent is cursed, Satan’s defeat is foretold, child birth becomes harder, the ground is cursed work becomes harder, blood was shed to cover their nakedness and they are told that they are going to physically die. Not a pretty story.

Adam and Eve are now spiritually dead because they did not keep the one rule that God had. God now had to shove them out of this perfect garden so they do not eat from the Tree of Life and forever stay in this pitiful state (vs. 22).

Since man was unable to keep God’s one rule and the Fall of Man began, God quickly intervened and gives the first mention of the Gospel in verse 15 mentioning “her seed” who will come and redeem this now fallen mankind.

Because of the Fall of Man; we are now born spiritually dead, uninterested in the things of God and naturally rule breakers. We will one day physically die. These two deaths are unavoidable, but there is a third death that is avoidable which is called Eternal death or forever separation from God when you physically die. The Gospel began at the moment that Adam disobeyed God’s one rule. God foretold and eventually sent his son, Jesus Christ to this earth and ultimately to the cross to take on our pitiful sinful state. Jesus shed his own blood to redeem us and to cover our sin so that through belief in Christ; we can forever be in God’s presence after physical death.

Since that first rule was broken back with Adam; mankind has been in a troublesome state because of our sin, but God does not want us to stay in this pitiful state. God wants us to recognize our need for him and come to him to have joyful bliss with the Creator of the Universe like we were originally created to do.

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