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Art is mostly recognized through a well written poem, a beautifully performed piano piece, or a water color painting. Of course, these are classifed as art, but art goes well beyond the basics that you may know them. Art is all around. There is art in music, art in photography, art in architecture, art in dance, art in theater, art in drawing, art in fashion design, art in video, art in making money, art in cooking, an art in selling, an art in negotiating, and an art in doing your job as a craftsman would. 

Any thing that you seek to excel at can be your art that you can give to the world to make it a more beautiful place.

Art is a way for an individual to express their gift that they enjoy to do as they seek to continually sharpen their skill. Since our God is a creative artist; it only makes sense that we have that within us to create beautiful things.

Powerstation International is the creative arts outreach for Downpour Fellowship in South Kansas City, MO. We are taking the idea that everything is art and create a place to empower all walks of people to “Get Charged” about life so they can express and enjoy their creative passions, whether it is through the fine arts, the performing arts, through business, or just learning life skills for the market place.

We are looking to collaborate with creatives worldwide to create the largest family friendly artistic gathering that express and enjoys their creative passions and are willing to direct others to do the same.


Look what is new!

We are so pleased to announce our new Downpour Scholarship fund

Purpose: to provide financial aid for private artistic lessons to Kansas City area students who demonstrate both urgent financial need and artistic ability.

We define artistic ability as one who has skill and wants to pursues excellence in everything creative that they do. Artistic ability can be seen through creating visual, auditory or performing arts such as through music, theater, dance, business, architecture, sculptures, drawing, video, photography, literature and painting.

We have found many families encountering financially tough times and the first budget cut always comes to artistic lessons for their children. It is sad to see; especially when the child is highly gifted in a specific area. We understand that when children continue sharpening their creative passion; they become more disciplined to complete a project. They become confident, they learn to collaborate with other children and with adults, the child sharpens his/her motor skills, problem-solving skills, critical-thinking skills, all the while become more creative.

A confident and disciplined child will less likely get involved in destructive habits.

So this is why we created the Downpour Scholarship fund.

The first function of the program is to maintain a fund for qualified recipients:

           Money is needed to provide for a scholarship for artistic lessons. 100% of the monies designated for the scholarship goes to applicants who are in financial need. Make checks payable to Downpour Fellowship and in the memo write “scholarship”. All money is tax deductible.

Downpour Fellowship

PO Box 140

Belton, MO 64012

Scholarship money may range from 25%-75% of the total cost for each student’s lessons depending on financial need.

The second function of the program is to identify qualified recipients.

Applicants must demonstrate both urgent financial need and artistic ability.

  1. Applicant must maintain a minimum practice time per week, based on age
  2. Applicant must attend lessons consistently with no more than one absence per semester

     3. Applicant must actively perform and show off their art once per semester before a local church congregation, benefit recital, nursing home, or other approved audience.

The third function of the program is to identify qualified teachers.

Top quality, teachers must satisfy all of the following benchmarks

  1. Maintaining an active private studio in which no more than 20% of the students, receive financial aid through the Downpour Scholarship fund
  2. Attending lessons consistently, with no more than one absence per semester
  3. Charging a reasonable fee for instruction.
  4. Actively contributing to the scholarship fund. Significant contributions include performing in a benefit concert; soliciting donations; providing copies of an original recording or art work to be offered for suggested donations; or other means approved by the program director.

Thank you for you interest in helping children excel in their artistic ability.

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