Where is God’s Almighty Power?

“A city full of churches, Great preachers, lettered men,
Grand music, choirs and organs, If these all fail–what then?
Good workers, eager, earnest, Who labor by the hour:
But where, oh where my brother, Is God’s Almighty Power.
Refinement-education, They have the very best.
Their plans & schemes are perfect, They give themselves no rest.
They get the best of talent, They try their uttermost,
But what they need my brother, Is God — the Holy Ghost” Unknown

The Argument of the book of Romans–Application

If one has been justified, their life should be characterized by humility and love (Romans 12:3–21). One should fulfill his role in the body of Christ and not think too highly of himself (12:3–8). The main characteristic of a believer should be the love he has for others (12:9–21). A believer should submit to the authority that God places in charge, even if the authorities are unbelieving (13:1–14). Also, in the area of Christian liberty, one must be humble and not judge other believers. Out of love for the weaker brother, one should relinquish his own “rights”, bring glory to God, and not cause his brother to stumble (14:1–15:13)