I prefer the hot summer weather, but I really love the changes that comes in the fall. The colors are just amazing that come out of dull, mundane plants and trees that we walk and drive past everyday without noticing.

Last week, I was introduced to a unique bush called a Service Berry. In the spring, there is eye-catching clusters of white blossoms. Purplish-black edible fruit comes in the summer and in the fall it changes colors. It’s leaf slowly fades from green to yellow, to orange to red. It is my new favorite fall plant. I just purchased two bushes and I am thinking about getting a couple more.

Change can be good and sometimes it can be scary. As I look around and see the changes during fall and in the world politically, one thing that I do know is that God never changes.

In Malachi three, God says in verse six, “For I, the LORD, do not change; therefore you, O sons of Jacob, are not consumed.” God had a plan for Israel, but Israel was not living how she should have. Since God is unchanging, He showed grace to them which guaranteed the preservation of Israel, though they did not deserve it and should have been destroyed.

This attribute of God is called “immutability”. This means that God is unchangeable and unchanging. This attribute of God gives the believer comfort and assurance that God will keep his promises. In a world where people can let us down and not keep their promises, it is great to know that we have a heavenly Father that does not change.

2 Timothy 2:13 If we are faithless, He remains faithful, for He cannot deny Himself.


The one word that has been repeated many times the last several months is “change”. Change can bring excitement and hope to some people; to others it brings uncertainty and fear. Whether for the good or the bad, as we go through life, things change (seasons, economic conditions, our weight, …). However, there is one thing that does not change, that is our God.
Malachi 3:6 “For I, the LORD, do not change;..
James 1:17 Every good thing given and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shifting shadow.
Variation: (parallage) a change or variation in the nature or character of something – ‘change.’ (Louw-Nida)
Shifting: (trope) the process of turning, with the implication of variation and change – ‘turning, variation.’ (Louw-Nida)

Since God never changes, we know without a doubt that he will never ever ever leave us, abandon us, or become unfastened from us. (Heb 13:5)