Don’t Love

1 John 2:15 Do not love the world nor the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him.

In first John 2:15, John gives a command to not have the habit of loving the world. Now he did not say, “that loving the material part of the world was wrong” (sky, mountains, etc…because it is good. Gen 1), but loving or being attracted to the world system that rejected Christ. We must not forget that as true Christians, this is not our home. We are just temporally passing through this world on our way into eternity (life is a vapor that vanishes away quickly. James 4:14). Do not get comfortable here.

I have heard it said that “if you are a Christian, this life is the worst it is going to get, but if you do not know Christ; this life is the best it is going to get”. I had a friend of mine that was a pastor’s kid that was trying to live two life styles (worldly and Christian). He knew the right things to do, but he really enjoyed living worldly, but he was feeling guilty for his wild ways. He wanted some advice so I told him, “That living your life as a half Christian, will make you 100% miserable”. He agreed with me, but sadly, he decided that this short life had more to offer. I did not get to talk to him much after that because he had gotten involved in some things that ultimately landed him in jail.

Basically, this mirrors the idea of Romans 12, about not conforming to the world’s way and thought process. This is a real test for today’s “Christians”, because if a “Christian” looks, acts, and thinks like the world system; he truly loves the world and “the love of the Father is not in him”. Ouch!!!!!! This life is short. Eternity is extremely long. Choose wisely whom you will follow: the ways of the world or Jesus Christ. There is no third option.

Joshua 24:15 …choose for yourselves today whom you will serve; … but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.”

I Want That

In Joshua 7 it is seen how Israel was defeated at Ai because of one man’s sin of coveting. This one sin committed by Achan brought defeat and discouragement to Israel. This city was placed under a ban from God. That means that everything in that city belongs to God. God wanted all of the silver and gold to be placed in the treasury of the Lord. (Josh 6:19) Achan disobeyed and stole some of the booty that was the Lord’s. After Israel’s defeat, Joshua asked the Lord why they had lost. When the sin of Achan was revealed, he confessed that he seen it, coveted it, and then he took it. Achan knew that the booty was the Lord’s, but it seems that he continued to look at it and maybe ponder if he could get away with it. This is the first step in the road of sin. As he looked at it, he should have remembered that it was not his and that should have been the end of it. But instead, he began to want and covet it for himself. At this point sin began to give birth. Once he coveted it, his own evil desires began to take over and he acted on his desires. (James 1:14–15)

This one sin of coveting kept an entire nation from having victory in battle (v.21). Achan confessed that he seen the spoil, coveted it, then took it. They went into battle relying on the number of men they sent, instead of relying on God. Since Achan sinned privately it cost the lives of thirty-six men, the nation Israel could not stand before their enemies’ victorious, and Achan and his entire family was stoned to death.

It is easily seen how the progress of sin begins with the eyes. Like Achan, as he began to look around at the silver and gold that was not his. He began to covet and want it. Once desire and lust set in his heart, he acted on his own evil desires. Believers must be careful what they allow their eyes to see. The progress of sin begins with the eyes. If the believer continues to look at something with the desire to have it, this simple look could turn to a harmful sin that will affect him and/or her and their loved ones.