Light My Path

Psalm 119:105 Your word is a lamp to my feet. And a light to my path.
This is a very popular verse that probably many have memorized. The interesting thing is that the Scripture (Word) is able to direct ones paths, but many Christians do not look into the Scripture for guidance. They rather ask everyone else, but God, or read every self help book, but not the one that will truly help and direct them.
To promote this blog, I have gone around commenting on other peoples blogs. I have found many depressed and hopeless “Christians” along the way. When I run across one of these blogs, I would leave Scripture and a word of encouragement. Some thank me for it, but go back to their hopeless ways without taking the Scripture that I gave them and pondering on it. There have been others that has taken the Scripture; believed it and applied it to their lives. I have seen many walk out of their hopeless state and start reading the Scripture and letting it guide them. Did their problems disappear? Most of them, no. There is one that I check back on every now and then, and I see this person going through worst stuff than they were before, but now they are spending time in the Scripture and trusting God to guide him and to use him for God’s glory. I sense joy in his suffering. He has taken the Scripture; read it, believed it, and applied it to his life. The Scripture lights his path just far enough for his next step, but by faith, he continues on for God’s glory.