Camel’s Knees

I was doing some reading up on Jesus’ half-brother, James. James thought his big brother was crazy, because he went to stop Jesus from teaching (John 7:5). It doesn’t seem that he became a Christian until after the resurrection, when Jesus appeared to him (1Cor 15:7). He later became a leader in the church of Jerusalem (Gal 2:9). He was later called “the righteous (just) one” and it was said that “his knees grew hard like a camel’s because of his constant worship of God, kneeling and asking forgiveness for his people” (Eusebius, Church History, 2:23). (Camels are known for there thick leathery patches on their knees) I thought that I would share what I just found out. It was a little convicting looking at my non-camel like knees.