As a child, did you ever play with Play-Doh? I remember the many hours of pounding it flat and rolling that product into balls and ropes and then using them to make primitive shapes and animals. I never received any of those compression devises that formed it for you so I only had my own imagination and creative abilities to work with. Today, I see there are many different types of compression devises to get a multiple arrangement of shapes and sizes. They even have molds that form your Play Doh into action figures, shapes and even animals.

The interesting thing about Play Doh is that while it is in its formable state; it can be ever changing and for the most part, never returning to its original shape.

In our life, we are like Play Doh. We are very impressionable. If we were not impressionable; we would not have modern day advertising with billboards, banner ads and commercials. These things work mostly because we want to be accepted by others. So we allow the social pressures in life to push on us to wear a certain clothing, to drive a certain car or to think and act a certain way so we will feel powerful, sexy, successful or accepted

And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect. Romans 12:2

The word ‘conformed’ is similar to the molds used for Play Doh. It is the idea of being fashioned into a shaped container or mold. When you apply more pressure to Play Doh; it would give another shape or become more like the mold that it was getting pushed into.

The world system wants us to look and act like them so it pushes on us to look and act like they do–whether right or wrong.  Of course, this goes beyond the outside that can be seen, but even the thought process. After time, one does not even remember what its original shape or value system was. Mostly, the world system pushes us to think contrary of God’s standard.

God’s standard is the Bible.

The world system is contrary to God’s standards and this is why the advocates of the twisted world system pushes so hard on us to change our thinking and to push the Bible away. This is why we need a standard, a moral compass, and a belief system built on Truth. You could be lost in the woods with twenty other people who are all pointing in twenty different directions trying to tell you which way is north. Your standard in this case would be a compass to show you True North. Some of those in that group might have been right or close to being right, but the compass dictates who is correct.  Usually in a group like that, there would be a group of those who know they are wrong, but they are louder and more boisterous, and usually they are the ones that will try to convince others that they are right.

This has been seen this last decade as ridiculous decrees have come down from those in authority. Since many people do not have a true standard to live by; people willing accept any absurd idea even if they don’t agree or don’t like it. Though they know it is morally wrong; they will eventually accept it as the norm and begin to think different about it. Eventually, they become accepting of it and probably even encouraging it.

People slowly begin to be conformed to the loudest opinion without checking it with a standard to see if it is proper or true.

Because of this twisted world system, the Apostle Paul basically commanded his audience to “not be conformed to this world”. He understood that everyone who is contrary to God’s standard will push on you like Play-Doh in a mold to get you to accept their thoughts and ideas.

All things need to be assessed or evaluated with a standard or point of reference to see if it is true. Christians need to become familiar with their Bible and use their standard as a True North to point them in the right direction and so they are not conformed to things that go against God’s Truth.

Do not allow the world to mold you into their sets of false ideas; pursue only what is true.

Jesus said…, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me. John 14:6

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