God Almighty

In Genesis chapter seventeen; God appears to Abram (later Abraham) the fifth time and reveals himself as “el shadday”–God almighty. This newly revealed name will serve as a reminder to Abram that this God can do anything. The reason for God’s appearance again was to make a covenant and to reaffirm the promised son that is still to come.

God gives Abram a name change maybe to affirm the divine plan that is now going to take place. Abram’s name means “father” but God changes it to Abraham which means “father of a multitude”. God changes his name to father of a multitude without counting Ishmael and before he had the promised son, Isaac.

Without having the promised son; it took a lot of faith to believe that God was going to do this. Though Abraham struggled in his journey; he now knows that this God is the el shadday–God Almighty. Abraham knows that God can surely take Sarai’s womb which was like a tomb without life and give it life.

Think of all of the harassment that both received. Sarah for not being able to have a child and Abraham having the name “exalted Father” and then later “Father of multitudes” In spite of the harassment and difficulties; though it was hard at times, Abraham was believing God by faith for this to happen. He now knew that God can bring life out of a barren womb because God is the God Almighty.

The God Almighty gives the covenant that was designed for God to remain faithful too even though Abraham and his descendants will be unfaithful. But in spite of what Abraham and his descendants do; God will keep His end of the bargain so ultimately the promised Seed, Jesus Christ will come to save people from their sins.

God tells Abraham that his wife’s, name will change from Sarai to Sarah. Sarah will be a princess who will be the mother of nations. Though her womb was like a lifeless tomb; the God Almighty was about to give her the promised son. Upon hearing this, Abraham laughed thinking that both their ages were well past child bearing years.

God shows his sense of humor back to Abraham’s laughter; reaffirming that Sarah was going to have a son and his name will be called Isaac–which means “he laughs”.

Abraham and Sarah both struggled throughout their journey with trusting God’s promises to be true. God gave them a name change and He revealed himself as the El Shadday–God Almighty that can do anything. Since God Almighty is the covenant keeping God; Abraham realized that He is trustworthy.

Even in our lives; God reveals himself as the el-shadday–God Almighty. Nothing is too difficult for Him. In you journey, you may struggle to believe God’s word to be true, like Abraham did, but that doesn’t change the fact that He is God Almighty, the covenant keeping faithful God.


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